Board of Committee
   Mr. Teo Kim Foo

  • Chairman of Malaysia Memory Sports Oganization
  • International Master of Memory
  • World Memory Championships, Senior Arbiter
  • Asia Memory Sports Council, Committee 
  • Founder of Brilliance Brain Enterprise 
  • Malaysia Open Memory Championships by MMSO ~ Co-organiser
  • Coach of Malaysia Memory Sports Team
  • Japan Open Memory Championships, 1 Gold & 1 Bronze Medal in 2014 
  • Malaysia Memory Competition by MMLM, 3rd  Prize in 2012
  • Malaysia Memory Competition by MMLM, 2nd Prize in 2013
  • Malaysia Memory Competition by MMLM, 1st   Prize in 2014
  • Malaysia Memory Competition by MMLM ~ Being Chief Judge since 2015

   Mr. Wong Wan Jiun

  • Vice-President of Malaysia Memory Sports Organization
  • Grandmaster of Memory
  • Founder of Power Memory
  • World Memory Championships 2000~ Bronze Medallist (Junior Category)
  • Malaysia Memory Champions -2 Times Overall Champions
  • Malaysia Memory Champions, MMLM-5 Times 1st Prizes winner

Mr. Chin Chen Ming


Mr. Chew King Meng

   Ms. Moh Ee Ching

  • Treasurer of Malaysia Memory Sports Organization
  • BA (Hons) Chinese Study, UTAR
  • The 25th World Memory Championships - Arbiter
  • Assistant Coach of Brilliance Brain Enterprise
   Mr. Ng Kiah Tong

  • Head of Ethics For Malaysia Memory Championships
  • Vice-President of Malaysia Mensa Society
  • Director of SmartBrain Consulting
  • Authorized Agency of Creative Thinking Simulation (CRETS)